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Sell Your Home For 4.7%+ Over Market with Technology

Digital negotiation technology generates the highest sales price in market. Our properties close 4.7%  higher than market comparables. 

We generate 30% more offers with our 5 minute mobile offers & real time counter offers. 

Complete Transaction Transparency

  1.  Instant Net Sheet – know exactly what you will walk away with after closing
  2. Offer Visibility – see all offers & counter offers in real time on your phone
  3. Milestone Tracker – access all the important dates and deadlines in one place

Safe, Secure, and Convenient Experience

  • 20 minute onboarding to front load all due diligence
  • Best in class security for personal data
  • Eliminate closing delays

NILE Certified Agents vs Traditional Agents

NILE Transaction

Increased Sales Price

Sell you home for 4.7% by generating 30% more offers for your home. NILE Software makes it easy for home shoppers across the globe to make an offer on your home seamlessly. Our digit negotiation accelerates bidding and maximizes the competitive environment for your home.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our data pipelines create a personalized 20 minute onboarding process to generate all the legal documents to close on your home. All you need to do is verify all the information regarding your home and NILE software does the rest. Get the most safe, secure and modern experience in 2022

Optimized Client Experience

Stay in the know at all times with a streamlined process, a milestone tracker and all key dates & deadlines. Plus status alerts all in one end-to-end platform that completely modernizes the transaction.

Status Quo

Fewer Offers = Lower Sales Price

Speed to contract keeps you in control of your home sale. “Agent Latency”, causes sellers to lose 2 offers on average due to manual paperwork & processes. You need an agent that works at the speed of the modern world with the most advanced technology to generate the highest price from your home.

Manual Paperwork & Risk

The number one source of lawsuits after a home closes is "failure to disclose" which can often happen because of simple human error by missing a question. Filling out endless disclosure forms and closing documentation isn't just annoying, its ultra-high risk. Plus, sellers are exposed to hacking & wire fraud by providing personal private information via email.

Stressed Out

Over 90% of sellers reported dissatisfaction with their home transaction experience in 2022. And over 40% reported crying from the stress of a recent real estate transaction. Uncertainty, ambiguity, and lack of technology are the 3 leading complaints of dissatisfaction.

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